What shortcomings does the Bitcoin have?

Recognition level — Many people still don’t know about Bitcoin yet. Every day, more and more companies accept bitcoins because want to get advantages, but still there isn’t a lot of them to start full-fledged network effect.

What shortcomings does the Bitcoin have?

Rate fluctuation of currency — the Total cost of bitcoins in the address and the number of the companies using Bitcoin are still insignificant in comparison with what it can be. Therefore, rather small events, single transactions, or actions of the separate companies can significantly affect the price of bitcoins. Theoretically, rate fluctuations will decrease, in process of growing bitcoin markets and technologies. The currency startup is the phenomenon which before I didn’t see the world therefore to imagine how all this will develop really difficult — but, at the same time, it takes imagination.

The continuing development — the software Bitcoin still is at a beta testing stage, and many unfinished functions are in active development. New tools, options and services are still developed to make Bitcoin safer and available to the majority. Not all these tools are ready to use. Most the companies connected with Bitcoin still are at an initial stage of development, and don’t offer any guarantees. Generally, the Bitcoin still is in process of formation.


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