What is a blockchain?

Surely you have already heard term » blockchain «, but, perhaps, did not pay to it the special attention, having counted as a word in frivolous fashion or technical jargon. But we think that technology a blockchain is a break of very large-scale consequences which will affect not only the sphere of finance, but also many other branches. In this article we will say what is a blockchain, simple words.

What is a blockchain?

The blockchain (the chain of blocks) is the distributed database to which the apparatus of stocking of data are not connected in the general server. This database always keeps the growing list of the ordered files called by blocks. Every block contains a tag of time and of link towards the previous block.

Application to estimate guarantees that the users can change only these parts of a chain of blocks which they «have» in sense that they closed keys without which the recording of file is impossible. Fact to amount in more gives the synchronization of copies of the chain distributed by blocks to all users.

Imagine numerical clinical record: every record is also such block. This record has a tag: date and time of introduction. Initially it is considered compulsory will lock the change of antidatants files because it is necessary that the files of diagnoses, the treatment, do not allow etc. different interpretation and stayed in an initial look. The doctor can receive the access to files only with the key closed by that and the patient who has other one. Will receive then the access to this information only those one of these users will give to whom the closed key (for example, the hospital in general or some expert). Therefore for example, the technology a blockchain in medical database can be used.

In technology a blockchain security at the level of database is initially put. The concept of chains of blocks Satoshi gave in 2008 to Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto). It was accomplished for the first time in 2009 as an element of numerical currency — bitcoin where the blockchain plays a role of the main general register for all operations. Thanks to technology a blockchain the bitcoin became the first numerical currency which resolves a problem of double expenses (unlike the physical rooms or the bars, the electronic files can be copied and have passed twice) without use of any allowed body or of the central server.

Security in technology that a blockchain is guaranteed by the decentralized server which suppresses tags of time and connections of network hand in hand. The database which faces in an independent way, without the uniform center is formed as a result.


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