What advantages of Bitcoin?

What advantages of Bitcoin?

Freedom of payments is an opportunity to send or receive any sum of money, instantly, worldwide, at any time. Any bank vacation. Any borders. Any imposed restrictions. The bitcoin allows users to control the money completely.

Choose the own commission — the fee isn’t charged when receiving bitcoin and many purses allow you to adjust the commission at transaction commission. The more the commission, the is higher a priority for receiving confirmation of transactions by network. The commission doesn’t depend on amount of transfer and it is quite probable that the same fee can be charged when translating 100000 and 1 bitcoins.

Besides, there are processing companies which help dealers with implementation of transactions, transferring bitcoins to fiatny currencies which go directly to accounts of businessmen to the day.

As these services are based on Bitcoin, they offer the commissions much below, than when using PayPal or plastic cards.

It is less than risks for businessmen — Bitcoin transaction are safe, irreversible, and don’t contain delicate or personal information on the buyer. It protects businessmen from the losses caused by fraud or roguish returns of payment and there is no need to conform to the PCI standards — standards of safety of the industry of payment cards.

Businessmen can easily extend on the new markets where or credit cards aren’t available, or the ratings of fraud are unacceptably high. As a result lower commissions, expansion of the markets and reduction of administrative expenses turn out.

Safety and control — bitcoin users completely control the transactions; dealers won’t be able without your permission or desire to withdraw money as can happen to other methods of payment. Bitcoin payments can be made without binding of personal information to transaction. It gives powerful protection against theft of personal information. Users of Bitcoin can also protect the money from the help of backup copies and enciphering.

Transparent and neutral — All information concerning money supply of Bitcoin always it is available to all in a chain of blocks, she can be checked and used in real time. Any person or the organization can’t control or manipulate bitcoin protocol because it cryptographic is protected.

Therefore, the Bitcoin network can be trusted concerning the fact that it will be neutral, transparent and predictable also further.


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