How to learn the bitcoin the address

How to learn the bitcoin the address

The bitcoin the address is unique number which is used for sending and receiving bitcoins. It is possible to carry out comparison with e-mail or the postal address, only bitcoin address you give to the person who wants to transfer you bitcoins.

The bitcoin address or the identifier is an account number which begins with unit or the three and contains 27 — 34 Latin symbols (except for 0, O, I). Number includes letters and figures of the upper and lower case. For convenience instead of long number it is possible to use a QR code. This identifier is completely anonymous, it is impossible to trace the owner of the account on him.

Example address bitcoin:

bitcoin address

The bitcoin the address is used for acceptance of payments and money transfer. For increase in level of safety and anonymity of payments one user can create any quantity of addresses. At commission of new transaction the new address is often created (it occurs automatically).

When carrying out operations it is recommended not to enter the address manually, and to copy him. It is necessary to remember that at manual input the register of symbols is considered, so in case of a mistake bitcoins can get not to that addressee or transaction won’t take place. The last is carried out automatically if the identifier contains test symbols of checksum.

Where to take bitcoin the address?

For receiving payments and sending means you need bitcoin address. Receiving the address is preceded by registration purse bitcoin. To generate bitcoin address in a purse, the special closed key is used. This process happens automatically.

The closed key is a long line of figures and letters which is the password for your purse. This number gives the chance to send your bitcoins to other people. Any who knows your closed key can control your bitcoins. However, in spite of the fact that the address bitcoin is generated through the closed key, there is no way to learn his number through bitcoin the address.

The bitcoin the address has exchanged. What to do?

As already it has been told above, some purses can automatically change the address for each new transaction. The address of a purse changes for safety and ensuring anonymity of transactions. Nothing terrible will occur if means send you to the old address – they will reach the addressee. If desired, in settings it is possible to turn off function of change of the address and to receive the «eternal» address. The most important – not to make a mistake in the address as transactions are irreversible.

The address and purse — same?

No. The address is a public key which is used for commission of transactions. The purse represents a set of the hidden keys, each of which corresponds to a certain address. In fact it is «bunch of keys», only in cryptographic sense.

The purse stores in itself all generated addresses to which it is possible to accept and from which to send cryptocurrency.

Most often the format of a purse represents the text file on a disk, but can differ in different types of purses and have additional functions, such as enciphering and marking of addresses.

If it is interesting to you to learn more about the device of the cryptocurrency, read our guide about what is bitcoin.


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