Google has forbidden advertising of cryptocurrencies what’s next?

Google has forbidden advertising of cryptocurrencies recently and everything that is connected with ICO why it has occurred and what will be farther? On these two questions I will try to give the answer in this article.

Google has forbidden advertizing of cryptocurrencies what's next?

Many of you are familiar with ICO, but how many in them was really qualitative and honest projects? The number of such projects is rather small, often they are created with the roguish purpose to collect money and to be closed, moreover, incredibly large ICO on which collected tens of millions of dollars come across.

Example of such ICO can be Eros.vision during which it has been collected 7400 BTC, and in several days the website has stopped the work. The project had to become decentralized marketplace the adult-industries, and suggested to facilitate process of purchase sale in the industry sex of services. Tokens haven’t been paid, and remained on the smart contract of the swindler …

Last week Google has forbidden display of the advertisements connected with cryptocurrencies, and it: ICO, purses, exchangers and exchanges. Sooner or later it had to happen, considering that Facebook in January has updated the policy concerning advertising owing to what on social network Facebook and Instagram display of advertising on cryptocurrencies has stopped.

I will allocate 2 main reasons for why the large companies block the advertisements connected with cryptocurrencies:

The problem with the law and regulators — what big wouldn’t be the company, hardly the management wants to come across the problems connected with large regulators. One of such regulators is the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which purpose is protection of investors. The companies, without wishing to have large problems and checks, in advance stop display of cryptocurrency advertising before SEC is knocked to them at a door.
The bad reputation — advertising of roguish ICO, purses and phishing websites, except money will bring nothing to Google. People are conducted and lose the money, someone takes the credits or even sells the property, up to housing. The large companies are known at the expense of the brand and if at people the opinion begins to spoil, then over time the bad reputation a snowball will collect and will strike blow to what was created for years.

Whether someone will suffer seriously from the ban of cryptocurrency advertising? My answer — «no».

What’s next?

Founders of ICO — collecting on ICO won’t reduce to zero, besides advertising in Google, there is still a huge number of other channels of advertising. Marketing specialists will receive a new task — to find the new effective marketing tool, and they will make it sooner or later.
Participants of ICO — if the person looks for where to throw money, then he will find where. Even if in Google there will be no advertising ICO.

I consider the ban of advertising of cryptocurrencies rather reasonable, it will help people not to get once again on a hook of swindlers who create projects with the purpose acquire.

This ban will have a positive impact on income of some advertising networks specializing only in cryptocurrency because orders at them it will become much bigger.

Moreover, the ban of cryptocurrency announcements in Google, in my opinion to opinion, will well affect the known cryptocurrencies which are already checked by time. Instead of the person has run to invest in a new unclear token, he will perhaps think of beginning to use some top cryptocurrency.


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