Bitcoin — few advices

Alive they can’t be touched — they are only in the world Internet as if your bank account. But at the same time, they not under control to anybody (even to the inventor), open and available to everyone. They are distributed and stored by the principle of p2p of networks, like a Torrent.

Bitcoin - few advices

Any person can track all transactions of any Bitcoin that does them transparent, but at the same time owners can’t be found out that does them attractive to those who love anonymity.

The reliable mechanism of enciphering which are used in SSL in SSH and even in banking networks have 100 percent stability from breaking, so gives a guarantee that even the Pentagon won’t manage to reach bitcoins.

For example, to hack network bitcoin, there won’t be enough capacities of all supercomputers of the world.

The biggest surprise is that the quantity of Bitcoins is limited and infinitely to get them it won’t turn out. It is counted that the total of available bitcoins has to make 21 million, and by 2025 the last BTC will be extracted.

The hitch that every year to get Bitcoins becomes more difficult (to maynit) – it is made specially constantly to increase cryptocurrency value.

From 2009 to December, 2012 the amount of remuneration for one got block made 50 BTC. Then this number has decreased to 25 BTC. When the quantity of the got bitcoins passes through a half, the award decreases twice. When their quantity reaches 75%, the award will fall still twice and so on.

Based on the above facts, it is possible to assume that the value of Bitcoins will only grow, especially when more and more people begin to use them, and new BTC will appear less, yet won’t run low and it is necessary to use what will be available in a turn.

To carry out a syllogism of bankers and politicians with the press for notes in a case with Bitcoin it won’t turn out. This fact only increases the value of cryptocurrency and causes hatred from the mighty of this world.

What you need first.

The game desktop (laptops categorically don’t approach) with the powerful video card, at least GeForce GTX 1060 or ATI Radeon RX 480 with good cooling is necessary, the video card will be loaded for 100% for days without a break. Video cards are engaged in interpretation of the Bitcoins given for production.

But even if your configuration coincides, and have already decided to become «mayner» – not everything so simply.

The above-stated configuration – is the minimum tool for a mining. The profitability of production on the above described computer will be no more than $2 during a day of (0,000794 BTC).

Therefore for increase in speed of production of cryptocurrencies usually buy special «farms» – sheaves from several video cards connected among themselves (from 3-5 and more). The price for such set reaches foreign car second-hand cost. Payback approximately for 2-3 years and it at round-the-clock «mining» and load of the power supply network of 800-1500 W.

Bitcoin purse

Important: during creation of a purse, reliably you store the login and the password, otherwise to restore it it won’t turn out in any way.

To receive Bitcoins, you need the recipient’s address – he is given in a text format in the form of the casual sequence of numbers and letters and also in QR code option. It is convenient when someone wants to send cryptocurrency via the smartphone or just to write down the address on the future.

The purse can’t be cracked with selection of keys as it is generated in the reliable way using a method of enciphering SHA-256.

What can be bought for Bitcoin?

In the world bitcoin it is already possible to pay almost for any services and goods in which this currency isn’t forbidden yet. Very often bitcoins pay on the Internet for goods which are difficult for getting or the full anonymity is required – yes, often use for any criminal transactions as it is impossible to trace the seller/buyer.




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